Saudi Large Format Printing & Stand Production

Consultancy and Tailoring of Solutions

Océ Saudia long experience with customers gives us a leading edge in the market. We listen to every customers requirements in detail and provide a unique solution tailored to the exact customer needs.We use a mix of creativity along with the latest worldwide marketing trends.


Flags Signage


Flag are easy to design and print. They attract the eyes with their distinctive design, colors and their movement. They are a great support for logos, signage and decoration. The typical material is usually polyester fabric; one can print single side or for stronger colors one can print separately each side and stitch them together.


Experienced Operators And Fabrication Professionals

Océ Saudia employees have 15 years experience with the company. We can meet Saudi customers most stringent requirements when it comes to finished products quality, and color matching and consistency.


We Use State Of The Art Printing Technologies

Océ Saudia uses the latest technologies available in the market. It has purchased the latest printers from Hp, and Canon. It uses Roll to Roll printers, flat bed printers, cutters, and wood fabrication machines that match the most difficult market requirements